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In this respect we have a wide range of means and methods at our disposal:

Mystery Shopping
  -Test purchases
  -Test advice talks
  -Honesty checks
  -Manipulation test purchases

Mystery Calling

Mystery Mailing

  -by letter
  -by fax




Be one step ahead

Marketing analyses provide the basis for improving the performance of employees. Used in the right way, you will soon notice a considerable difference. We can give you firm proof of this.

It is of course possible to use the above-mentioned instruments not only for your own marketing network, but also for a company named by you, or a competitor of yours as a benchmark.

Compact, detailed- it carries on from here.

You will receive the results of our analyses promptly with comprehensive information which has been evaluated and assessed for you, including diagrams and the data presented in the format you require.

For a more detailed analysis, there are the latest uni and multivariant methods for analysis available.

In this case too, we are as individual as your wishes.

Our theme: the quality of services.

The purpose of our work is to secure or improve the performance of our customers. We set ourselves the highest standards- we are registered members of the internationally recognised and prestigious MSPA. (Mystery-Shopping Providers Association) We also work in accordance with the regulations put forward by the Market Research Group. (ISO 20252)

Each member of staff is a part of our philosophy

Quality comes first with our employees. As a rule we employ specially chosen workers who have been carefully trained and supervised by expert personnel. No matter what your individual considerations may be, we have the right professional people for your requirements.

Data are something really exclusive.

We place great importance on the security and validity of the data collected. Therefore you will not find any secondary evaluation of the data. All the information refers completely to the customer and belongs to the customer.

Several companies offer similar courses and coaching to carry out checks on their employees. ClienTeam must distance itself from such companies. Training courses which are carried out and evaluated by the company itself cannot give a true picture. This system is an open invitation to manipulate the results.

We are the specialist for the analyses of service quality in marketing.