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  We are pleased to note that you have found our website.
If you are looking for a partner who
* is able to analyse in detail the potential of your marketing ideas,
* is flexible and ready to start at short notice,
has comprehensive knowledge of various lines of business,
* works reliably and promptly,

* shows commitment,
offers high quality at a low price,

As one of the leading and most experienced enterprises on the market, we have been assisting with marketing network analyses, which assess the quality of the services provided, since 1993. Our steady growth and success can be attributed to highly satisfied customers and subsequent recommendations.
We work on a national and international level together with over 10,000 staff in German-speaking countries alone, as well as additional co-workers abroad.

Our analyses pinpoint the company’s net product where it interfaces with the customer. We highlight errors and weaknesses in the structures and work procedures. This knowledge serves as our basis to optimise production and service sector marketing including branches and franchise systems.What makes ClienTeam Consulting & Services stand out is its standard of high-quality and its personal attention to finding individual solutions. Flexibility, speed and reliability of the highest quality are important factors for our customers and our whole service is good value for money.
We deliver the facts for the decisions of tomorrow.
Each company has its own particular qualities which make it unique. Therefore the instruments used in the analysis should reflect this individuality- they should be custom-made for the company and its particular market. This includes asking the relevant questions.

Analysing market has many facets. We do not have a ready-made master plan.
Instead we help our customers to find the right way.