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There are different types of test buyers, who require different specialists. This depends, among other things, on the company branch and its products. It also depends on which department is involved: sales, audits, CRM, staff management or marketing.

ClienTeam has the necessary experience, expertise and personnel who can fulfil these requirements.
There are of course many different facets to Mystery-shopping, but the most relevant include:

*being served and being given advice tests
*honesty checks
*manipulation and training skills tests

Within the framework of the classic service and help guidance test purchases, the following topics can also be included

*approach and outer building design
*room design and atmosphere
*sales talk guidance
*consideration of the customer’s needs
*effective conduct
*friendliness and appearance
*staff loyalty
*knowledge of products and giving advice techniques
*carrying out CI/CD and promotion activities
*product placement
Honesty checks and training test purchases take place at the cash point area. The auditing department is often responsible in this case.
The honesty test purchase, which is carried out with 2 test buyers, checks out to what extent the cashier handles the bookings and cash transactions correctly.
The manipulation or training skills test purchases show whether the cash personnel use what they have learned during their training or not, such as whether they pay attention to any kind of manipulation of the goods or the shopping trolley.

The results are often surprising and horrifying for our business partners!

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